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Keylime is a Digital Marketing agency based in Montreal. We are a cocktail of creative designers, marketers, developers, project managers, editors, SEO experts, copywriters but above all, we are passionate people : we love our job. We promise you something: 2022 will be an amazing year because you will experience real revenue growth with us. You will gain customers and keep them in the long run.

Our Mission

We help Businesses, Freelancers & Bloggers increase sales within 90 days &
Squeeze their competition .
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We are an ROI and performance driven agency that often turns $1 into $3. Below are the services we are renowned for.


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How We make it happen?

We consistently help you
earn more revenues

with online Marketing & mind blowing landing pages

by sending ultra-qualified traffic to your website

We help you do this!

What we offer


Branding &
Website Design

An identity crisis can destroy the performance of people. It’s the same for businesses and Brands. Can’t you see? Warning signs are there: Market share are eroded.  Discounting begins. Customers disappear. But many companies and businesses pretend to ignore these warning signs.

A consistent & meaningful branding leads to successful marketing campaigns and Traffic. Don’t underestimate the power of branding. At  Keylime digital agency, we take the time to understand your business , the values you stand for and above all,  your customers. It’s not too late to glow & grow!

Content Marketing

Our digital marketing agency will help you squeeze & crush the competition in your industry. How? By creating the content your audience expects! Content Marketing is key in 2019! You will connect with your audience and will retain your customers with quality content and sales pages that are relevant to them.  and you will build the trust  with your audience and they will be more likely to buy from you. In the long run, you will be a reference of your industry and the leader of your market 



More ultra qualified traffic!

Then, We identify  the customers who are and will potentially be interested in buying your product. SEO (search engine optimisation) and search engine marketing (SEM) – Google Adwords, Facebook Ads & Linkedin Ads – will serve this purpose. Our digital marketing agency sends a stream of qualified leads to your website. The sales funnel is on!


Your prospects turn into Clients! That’s Fantastic! Qualified leads on your list turn into customers. Meaning: You increase your online sales increase. But it is not over! We are adjusting our marketing strategy and the relevant tactics to blow up sales. Our SEO experts and CRO (Convertion rate optimization) are responsible for increasing your profits without increasing your Marketing budget.




We will grab the prospects that have visited your site

Did you know that 96% of average visitors never come back to a website? That’s why our web agency will follow (discreetly) and redirect these customers to your website. How? Through targeted advertising campaigns on other websites. Retargeting allows in several interactions to convert your prospects into customers. Your sales double, triple or multiply x10!

Marketing Automation

Your prospects turn into Clients


Qualified leads on your list turn into customers: You increase your online sales. But it is not finished! We are tightening the marketing strategy and adjusting tactics to blow up sales. Our SEO experts and CRO (Convertion rate optimization) are responsible for increasing your profits without increasing your Marketing budget.


In a nutshell

We help you increase your revenues & crush the competition

Please note We are mojito Lovers as well:)

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We are biased...

But our satisfied clients can confirm
we are good in what we do 🙂


“I had my website built abroad because it cost a lot less than in Montreal. The result had nothing to do with my vision. In the end, I lost a lot of money and 4 months before I decided to call Keylime Agency for my online art gallery. My marketplace Signifik'art is a success and I receive many compliments! I recommend this agency!”

Madeleine Bossé

Google Review


“I contacted Keylime following the recommendation of a friend. Our new website is completely fresh new and well designed! But also, we attract new customers through Google ads campaigns. Quentin has connected us with his team. We were even offered a coaching session to be more effective in business”

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Sonia Terrien

Owner of Fitdaily

Google Review


" We chose this digital marketing agency for a fresher web design for our natural productsE-commerce store. We received a warm recommendation of one of their customers. So far, We were pleased with the final result. This web agency needs to be known! Do not hesitate to rely on them for your Web projects, they will exceed your expectations.”​

Blair Laframboise

Co-founder @ Nature & santé

Google Review


“It is difficult in my industry to have leads because I offer services in the construction that are difficult to sell (admit it's not sexy!) Well ... despite that, we signed two big customers this last month. Also, if we continue with this great progress, we can consider starting a fundraising campaign next year.

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Julien Bouchard

Entrepreneur & CEO @XLOG

Google Review

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