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Here is a summary of the most frequently asked questions about our Business Consulting, Workshops  & Training sessions

Depending on the development stage of your company, we will put you in touch with the trainer best suited to your needs.


Our trainers are the two co-founders of Keylime Web Agency:


Sarah-Eden Dadoun

Quentin Hibon

A Business Consulting session lasts 1h30.

The “IDEA” package entitles you to a 1h30 session.

The “FIRST RESULTS” package entitles you to a 3h30 Training session divided into 3 sessions (1h30, 1h and 1h)

The “SUCCESS” package includes 10 hours of training sessions.

Business marketing  Corporate Workshops lasts half a day or one day.

Yes, we want to know you better and find out more about the problems you are struggling with. We are here to boost your business and make you achieve in a few weeks what you dream of so you can concentrate only on what’s important: your business.

This form allows us to spot the problems you are struggling with. Also, it helps us get to the core of  your business development strategy during the consulting session and maximize its efficiency.

Yes, if you are in Montreal, Canada. However, if you are interested in meeting us, travel costs will be added to the cost of the coaching session. Please contact us for more details.


Otherwise, we usually schedule a Skype call.

Yes, we give you:

Your personalized action plan in PDF format

PDF Business Plan

Yes. If after applying your action plan you are not satisfied with the results. You send us an email and we will refund you within 30 days.

If you forgot to ask a question during your session or have any questions following this one.

Write to us and we will answer you with pleasure.

You trusted us, we will be there for you !!

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