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Project manager

Chef de projet, Fanny est La tour de contrĂŽle et le Lieutenant-chef de l’agence. Celle qui s'assure que l'on ne glandouille pas et que les projets, les sites web et les campagnes soient exĂ©cutĂ©es dans les temps. Multitaskeuse, Fanny a plus d’une corde Ă  son arc : elle est Ă©galement chanteuse d’opĂ©ra. PersuadĂ©e d’ĂȘtre soprano , elle trouve injuste de ne pas avoir ĂȘtre sĂ©lectionnĂ©e pour l’audition du Phantom de l’opĂ©ra. Vous comprendrez aisĂ©ment pourquoi il n’y a pas de miroirs a l’agence 




Kathleen est notre graphiste. Elle est aussi méticuleuse pour choisir les palettes couleurs des clients que son maquillage chez Sephora. Elle adore le mauve, voit la vie en rose et pense en RVB. Kathleen a une obsession pour les moodboard et est addict à un truc à l'odeur douteuse qui s'appelle "marmite". Pourquoi pas ?


Community Manager

Laura is our Community Manager ! All day long, She fiercely hunts trolls around the web and shut their mouth with delight. Laura is a passionate lifestyle photographer: InstaFamous, she has a lovely on her Lifestyle blog where she shares with the community her daily beauty tips. Laura always eats cold because she always takes pictures of everything: what she eats, coffee pics, purse pics, pics of the team, the dog ... in a nutshell... Laura is our Community manager.


Fullstack Developer

Mathias writes down lines of code at the speed he climbs Mount Royal every morning with Lucy, his fatty puppy Labrador . He wishes she was more in shape so he could take her anywhere. You guessed right! Mathias loves hiking! our full stack developper may be a bit provocative sometimes ( and rude: he is french). Since life is short and colorful, Mathias has a huge collection of sneakers that he owns in every color. Javascript, React and Xamarin have no secrets for him. Mathias the geek knows everything about everyone. Recently, he has shapened his skills at listening to all forms of gossip and spying sensitive phone conversations . Mathias has definitely a 6th sense!


SEO Strategist + weight journey

Steve is our SEO strategist. He is always on a diet ( now on Keto). Unfortunately, his good resolutions disappear at the sight of a bagel. Steve is a brilliant SEO strategist. He proudly defeats the most intricated bot algorithms. Armed with a shotgun, He smashes all the wacky animals that dare to escape Google's Zoo: Penguin, panda, hummingbird. What animal will be next?




Igor is our badass bouncer @ Keylime. Don't underestimate his small size, Igor is sneaky and has already kicked a cat's ass because the scoundrel was robbing his food. He would not hesitate to fly off the handle and slap you around ! This fluffy pink flamingo grew up in Florida and showed to be very smart. He also smuggled into one of the co-founders' suitcases, as they were sipping coffee at the Starbucks at the Fort Lauderdale airport. He will die for peanut butter.


Technical project Manager

Cut the bullshit! Aurélien, our technical project manager, is grounded! He is a focused Tech Project manager and codes at the speed of light. Althought he is allergic to the scholar system, he is a genius who ignores he is gifted. He is passionate about SEO as well. You may find him with Steve in the Kitchen, talking about SEO tricks and way to get around Google Bots. Furthermorem Aurélien makes jokes that he is the only person to inderstand. We avoid leaving him too long with our clients because his sense of humor is similar to his coffee: dark.


SEO Editor

Former tax inspector, Vincent grew up in France in the land of cows in the rural region of Picardy. Vincent is a sharp and committed editor : He spots mispelling errors in our internal emails andthis is a real pain for his colleagues. This gladiator has a big heart and is actually a talented poet. From time to time, he drops his lines of prose on the blog. Every morning, he rides his BIXI across Montreal , cursing cars like a real Quebecois. Ostie de Caliss!


StratĂšge SEO & SEM Strategist

Almost always late, Claire manages to keep her job because she is crazy talented in running ROI focused marketing campaigns for our clients. Well... she brings Tim bits in the morning too. Her achievements in ROI and lead acquisition are reknowned in Montreal. Indeed, we know for a fact that our competitors have already tried to contact her and steal her from us. Damn! it drove us bananas!


Content Manager & Copywriter

One may finds her delicate and fragile air, Laurane is a tough iron fist in a velvet glove. Our romantic content manager drives her Toyota Yaris like a race vehicule in the streets of Montreal. She misses no opportunity to park her car anywhere across the road . People have already complained several times about scary engine noises around the agency. Watch OUT!


UX/UI Designer & Astrologist

Mary-Ann lives in the stars! Her passion for astrology will conquer your heart. If you've already met her, she surely has questionned you about your zodiac sign and checked your birth chart on the spot! Mary-Ann followed an academic path in Human Sciences before she became a UX / UI designer. Indeed, Mary-Ann holds a degree in geography. She is also a foodie and she knows all the good restuaurants and places to try for brunch in Montreal. Also, Mary-Ann is very skilled in interior design and isin charge of the office design at Keylime. She focuses on user experience very seriously in everything she does.

The Office

Brainstorming, Happy Hour, mojitos & gossip ( obviously)

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Join the Keylime Squad

We are always on the lookout for new talents, creative minds and mojitos lovers! Our ROI focused Digital Agency is growing and more and more projects are opening.  So, we must keep focused on growing the Team and drinking a lot of mojitos^^. If you are passionate about Digital Marketing, a talented web designer, integrator, graphic designer, back-end developer, front-end or full stack, project manager, community manager, content manager, copywriter, social media manager, SEO & SEM specialist, please apply here! Tell us something interesting about yourself.  We will call you asap.

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